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We went to Kingston, Ontario in February 2014 to visit Dr. Chivers at her Sagelab.

I was a little nervous about this venture because I'd asked if we could have someone participate in one of her studies and film it. The study she was conducting at the time was measuring female sexual response to visual stimuli. I wondered if I might be able to get a student to participate, I asked my sister if she might be willing to do it (the answer was no), I pondered bringing a brave friend along...

In the end I realized that if I was going to actually understand the study and the work more intimately that, really, it was going to have to be me participating.

So, on my first day shooting with a new crew and a GoPro camera set up behind me, I stripped down and watched some porn (all for a good cause, of course!)

I love this clip where Meredith talks about how she became interested in pursuing a career in human sexuality.

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