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A plethora of talented people. Film people, creative people, people working in the sex positive community.


This is just a taste, a smattering, a drop in the bucket...


Hopefully you'll find something interesting and that will lead you on a path of discovery and you'll head down some of the same rabbit-holes we did!

Shilo McCabe

Shilo McCabe

Queer, Sex-Positive Feminist Photographer & founder of The Sex Positive Photo Project

Natural Contours® intimate products are ergonomically designed to complement the unique curves of a woman’s body. Designed in Europe, they are tasteful, elegant, and perfectly discreet for travel.

Vancouver based composer and art director

Corset Magazine is the go-to magazine for all things sexuality. We embrace curiosity. We honor sensuality. We celebrate sex. Download each issue at

Francisco Ramirez, MPH, answers the tough questions on sexuality, health, relationships and dating.

I created the Femme line in order to put a woman’s voice to adult movies and give men something they could share with the woman in their life. Candida Royalle

Los Angeles Academy of Sex Education is a venue for learning. We pride ourselves in being an establishment for every body. I

The Sexuality & Gender laboratory at Queen's University, directed by Dr. Meredith Chivers, is dedicated to understanding gendered aspects of sexuality, including sexual psychophysiology, sexual orientation, and sexual functioning.

An organic soothing lubricant + desire enhancing "vegan butter" for both him and her

'Smut For Smarties' is a sex and body-positive editorial site for which includes sexuality articles, op-ed, personal essays, sex-education resources, sex toy reviews, erotica & sexuality empowerment.

A friendly voice of reason above the chatter, Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators is a group of smart and current sexual health professionals with a focus on safe, practical, inclusive content.

Constance and Eric are a wife and husband photography duo with a deep desire to promote healthy attitudes towards sexuality and self, capturing the ethereal qualities of intimacy through photography.

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